What are the Best Minecraft Starter Mods?

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Eight years ago, Minecraft took the world by storm. It is currently the second best-selling video game of all time with over 120 million sales across all platforms. More than a game it has become a community experience launching the careers of several YouTube celebrities who are avidly followed by millions of fans. The success of the game itself as well as these people is in no small part due to the modding scene the game enjoys. With mod support Minecraft can be transformed into pretty much any experience you could ask for.

The only issue is getting used to it all. A lot of the more popular mod-packs on offer combine well over a hundred different mods to create something new. However, in a game about discovering new things piece by piece the sheer volume of it all can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes having too many options is worse than having few or none. So what are the best individual Minecraft starter mods?

The answer is to start small. Most of these packs have a lot in common with each other and it is a good idea to get used to them first. Services like Twitch TVs client allow you to add mods one at a time so you can test things by yourself. It may be that you find that only adding one or two enhances the experience enough that there is no need for the rest.

The question is, where should you start? After all, picking a few out of hundreds is still difficult, and there is certainly no time to read through them all. The first place to look is for passive changes. These make additions to the way you see the game without any additional input. “What am I Looking at” identifies blocks for you, indispensable when figuring out what has been added by other mods. “Journey Map” provides a mini-map with features like waypoints. “Veinminer” makes mining ores easier by basically living up to its name after you destroy the first block with the right tool. These all combine to make your life easier while you begin to explore the more involved options.

It is all well and good adding a load of passive mods, but the whole point was to add things to do. “Tinkers Construct” does exactly that. It adds different versions of the basic tools and weapons that can be upgraded and adapted. It also introduces new ore and blocks, a staple for most mods out there. Perhaps most importantly it is extremely common in other mod packs. Once you are accustomed to it, Tinkers will provide you a solid starting point for any mudpack.

From there the possibilities branch out in various directions. Mods like “Immersive Engineering” introduce new ways to create power and move items around. “Roguelike Dungeons” adds an adventure element with procedural dungeons that grow more dangerous and provide better rewards the further the player goes. It is good to build something big out of many small pieces, with Minecraft starter mods allow you to do exactly that.

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