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Collecting and playing retro video games has become a hobby an increasing amount of people have come to enjoy in recent years. The advent of sites like Reddit and imgur have made it easier to share the games of old that many have enjoyed in their formative years. The question most asked by new hobbyists and collectors is often "where can I buy old Nintendo games?" The answer varies per state and per area, but there are several well known chances to get your hands on some of the older games and consoles you remember.

The first option can cost as little as dinner, a cup of coffee or simply the time to ask: asking friends, family and coworkers if they have old collections they would be willing to part with. Oftentimes, old consoles and games fill boxes in basements and attics, leading to treasure troves eventually ending up in garage sales or on the side of the road for trash collection. Simply asking is sometimes enough to remind somebody not using these items to give them up to a person that would be very appreciative.

If, however, they are unwilling to part with their older items for free, you can often buy the items from them. Most times, mentioning the items will spark memories and after experiencing their nostalgia for a few days, they will offer their collection to you — for a fee. Oftentimes it's a great deal for a starting collector at a great price. However, don't be afraid to negotiate.

Older games are in high demand at the moment, and so searching places like flea markets, pawn shops, thrift stores and garage sales can yield gamer gold with persistence, experience and a good eye. Sometimes sellers will know the value of what they're worth, sometimes not, and though Playstation, Xbox and newer handheld games are admittedly more common, Nintendo games were owned by a majority of both the American and European populace for several years; they will make an appearance sooner or later.

Pawn shops often look up values on ebay and stick to an inflated price to get the best for their items. Contrary to most belief, they are willing to haggle and work with you on a price, but very often will have arbitrary prices they set through their own perceived popularity of said games. Asking if there's other stock in the back is a good thing to do. Often enough, the merchandise they don't find marketable enough doesn't make it onto the floor. If there are only Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 games on the shelves but older systems on display, it would be wise to ask if there are games for the older systems available. A patron is often more likely to trade in all of their collection at once rather than piece it out. If there is a Nintendo or Super Nintendo console on display but no Nintendo games, it's more than likely they have already been sold or have been left in the back.

Garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets are similar. Due to perceived unpopularity since these items aren't in stores anymore, one might come across as early as Playstation 2 and Xbox but might need to do some asking and some digging to find the older stuff. Mentioning Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo often sparks the brain and leads to what you came for.

Reddit and imgur spark new collectors via image posts of dusty Pokemon cartridges and things of that sort found at a thrift store or Goodwill the owner is excited to retry. With so many similar posts, it may seem as though Goodwill is a mecca of old Nintendo games. The reality is that with so many posters in one concentrated area, the best and brightest jewels are unearthed and brought to light to be shared with everyone else. Frequent, tireless shopping is required for game collecting, and if one doesn't enjoy the hunt, it isn't worth the hassle.

Be fearless on your hunts, and be thankful for your success, no matter if it's Playstation 3, Xbox, Game Boy or Nintendo games.

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