What are the best games of 2015 for PC?

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PC is the one console where you can find RPG’S, MMO’s, FPS and even RTS games. Figuring out which one to play is a whole battle on its own. As 2015 has rolled around, there are plenty of games that can catch a gamer’s eye. Below is what I believe to be the best games of 2015 but by no means should be taken literally.

1.     Heroes of The Storm

It can be assumed that almost everyone knows the creators of World of Warcraft, Blizzard. Although most people have either a hate or love for this company, HOTS (Heroes of The Storm) is trying to change their negative persona.

HOTS is a PVP based game, but the entirety of it is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Having to choose from a wide range of heroes that span all Blizzard games, you enter the battle ground as a team of 5. This is where the fun starts. Capturing objectives, trying to wipe out the enemy team, while trying to stay alive yourself, you will be on the edge of your seat the whole match. This game plays like you’re paying a monthly subscription but is free to play. I have a feeling this will stay at the top of my list for a while to come.

2.     League of Legends

League of Legends took the world by storm when it was released all those years back. This game has been on the top of everyone’s list for the past couple years and only recently being dethroned by other more up to date games. As the predecessor of my number one pick HOTS, League of Legends still holds the most active players of any PC game.

League of Legends is exactly like Heroes of The Storm but with a couple twists. League of Legends (LoL) is also a MOBA where you have to level up your champions in the game, and buy items as you do so. Granting this does allow for more freedom when battling the opposing team, it causes for a few hiccups in the game, where some champions can be seen as stronger or “overpowered.” Much like HOTS this game is fantastic, sadly the simplicity isn’t there to give it the number 1 spot.

3.     The Elder Scrolls Online

A lifetime ago there was a game Elder Scrolls on Xbox, which was strictly an RPG. Since times have changed and we are gravitating towards a more MMO based lifestyle in the gaming world, they tried something new. Trying to combine the best of both worlds, the RPG fans were given what they loved best, story, depth, adventure. While still satisfying the millions of other players with content that allows them to interact with each other.

The Elder Scrolls online is where you can go to get immersed into a virtual world unlike no other. Endless amounts of substance through the epic story line allows for hours and hours of enjoyable gameplay. If that doesn’t peak your curiosity you can enter the world as a champion just to interact with other players, whether to group and make new friends or to create enemies on the battlefield.

Even though there are always new games being announced and talked about, the ones I have listed as the best games of 2015 I feel will stand the test of time. As for this year is going, I recommend you try all these games while you still can, or at least until another list comes out.

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